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Thunderbolt, after a hard day of keeping the studio safe from strange noises and marauding cats.

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A.J. is a freelance illustrator whose work appears in such publications as Entertainment Weekly, National Geographic, Newsweek and Playboy. So if you go to his studio and see Playboy magazines on the shelf, he only keeps them for the pictures. Since he started working from home, his friends have noticed that he never dresses very nicely anymore, and seems to have misplaced his razor. A.J., however, rather enjoys staying home in shorts and eating the same T.V. dinner for lunch every day.

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Emery is a graphic designer who spends most of his waking hours in front of his computer screen. His dog Thunderbolt is happy that Emery has moved his office back to the house, as that means he can stay inside all day, instead of being banished to the fresh air and sunshine of the back yard.

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