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Can I download my order again? Yes, you can download your order again with your invoice number and item name. Click here to re-download your order (expires in 48 hours).


How do I open the clip art?
  1. Our images are compressed as zip files, so you will need to unzip them first. If you need an unzipping utility, try Winzip (Windows) or Stuffit Expander (Mac), both offer free demos that will unzip our files.

  2. Once the file is unzipped, it will create a directory that includes 2 versions of the clip art: EPS and WMF. Mac users should use the EPS file, and Windows users can use either, depending on application. To open the clip art, first open the application you want to use, then open or import the image from there. For example, in Microsoft Word, open a new Word document, then in the "Insert" menu, choose "picture" and then "from file," and select the image you want to insert.
Which format should I use? For professional print applications or publication, use EPS. EPS also works with your Postscript compatible laser and inkjet printers. If you are not using Postscript printers, or if your program doesn't print EPS images well, try WMF. For online applications such as web sites, or for viewing on your computer screen, you will need a photo editing program to convert the images to GIF or JPEG (if you buy a clip art set, it will contain JPEGs).

How do I create JPEGs or GIFs? You can generate different sized JPEGs, or create GIF images from the EPS or WMF files. We use Adobe Photoshop, and open the EPS to the size and resolution we want, and save it as a JPEG or a GIF. There are other graphic programs that can do the same thing, check your program's documentation on how to convert graphic formats.

Is your clip art Mac and Windows compatible? Yes, you get cross-platform Illustrator EPS files, as well as Windows WMF.

What resolution are they? Our images are saved resolution independent vector files, so can be resized to any dimension without loss of quality.


Is your stock illustration Mac and Windows compatible? Yes, our color stock images are saved as cross-platform JPEG files, and line art stock images are saved as GIF and TIFF files.

What resolution should I choose? We provide two resolutions: 72 dpi, which is best for web and screen viewing, and 300 dpi, which is best for print (high resolution line art stock images are saved as 600 dpi bitmap TIFFs).

Can I use the cheaper, 72 dpi version for print? If your print size is small enough, the 72 dpi version may work. For best results, however, we recommend 300 dpi for print applications.


Do you do custom work? Yes we do, check our custom page for general pricing and information.


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